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How can I view my family law file and search for my case number in Orange County, CA?

Family Law Case FAQ: How can I view my family law file and search for my case number in Orange County, CA? How can I view my Family Law file or Search For My Case Number in Orange County, California? When you have an open case in Orange County, whether you filed the case, or another…
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Reasons to Request a Restraining Order

Reasons to request a restraining order will vary from person to person. Many times a restraining order will be requested if another individual is harassing, or threatening to harm the other individual, or their children. The restraining order is necessary to protect an individual from harm. In order to obtain a restraining order the individual will need to appear in court and present their case in front of a judge. The judge will determine whether their is a substantial claim in order to grant a restraining order.

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What Does a Mediator Do In a Divorce Case

If you are asking the question, What Does a Mediator do in a Divorce Case, then you have come to the right place. Mediators are able to assist both parties in reaching an amicable agreement regarding pending divorce issues. This is an alternative to the divorce process. It is important to understand what both processes entail…
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Determining when to Divorce in OC California

Determining When to Divorce your Spouse in Orange County California

Marriage and divorce can be two of the most life-changing decisions a person can make. While most people approach marriage with happiness and excitement with some nerves thrown in, divorce can seem daunting, financially overwhelming and emotionally unsettling.

So, how do you know when filing for a divorce is the right choice for you?

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Divorce Mediation Benefits for Orange County CA

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Divorce Mediation Benefits in California

Is there divorce mediation benefits? Every divorce is different. In addition to resolving a divorce through litigation, forms of alternative dispute resolution exist to accommodate those couples who want to work through their divorce outside of the Court.

Mediation is a way to resolve family law issues, such as a divorce or child custody dispute. It involves both parties to the dispute to work through their issues with the help of a neutral, third party mediator. Following mediation, the mediator can write up an agreement, which, if approved by a judge, can become a legal court order.

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California Child Visitation Schedule for Orange County

Orange County California Child Visitation Schedules

Why is Visitation Necessary?

When two unmarried parents share a child in California, they usually have to get a child custody order. Child custody is divided into two categories: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody determines who is responsible for making important decisions in the child’s life regarding things such as education, religion, mental and physical health, and extracurricular activities.

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Making a Decision About Divorce

If you are looking for information to assist you with making a decision about divorce, it is important to do some research. Those you speak to regularly such as family, relatives, friends, or coworkers may be a helpful resource when making a decision about divorce. Moreover, if you are unable to speak to someone you…
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OC Child Support HELP!

OC child support attorneys near Lamoreaux Justice Center

OC child support attorneys are available to assist you with your family law and divorce matter. The attorneys will be able to guide you throughout the entire process. Attorneys will be able to defend you in court, and ensure that all deadlines are being met. When it comes to child support in California it is not a good idea to ignore the matter. Failing to pay one's support obligation can be met with rude awakening results. For instance, some parents may find themselves in contempt of court actions if the matter is escalated.

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How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost in Orange County?

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost in Orange County?

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost in Orange County California?: The cost of mediation can be measured in time, financially, emotionally, and mentally for all involved parties, including children of divorcing parents. One of the major benefits of mediation is that it usually costs less than half, and often less than one third, of what a litigated divorce would cost.

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California Divorce Mediation in Orange County California

Are you looking for a California Divorce Mediation Attorney?

California divorce mediation is a more affordable option for parties looking to resolve their divorce issues. This is a newer method for resolving divorce disputes. In addition, the mediation approach to resolving divorce matters is a less costly option for parties. This is often something parties attempt before resorting to the typical divorce proceedings.

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