Family Law Attorney Sean Yanez

Family Law Attorney Sean Yanez - Family & Divorce Lawyer for All California Family Law Matters

Sean Yanez, Family Law Attorney

Sean Yanez, Attorney

Growing up the law fascinated me. Years later, I have earned the ability to practice law and advocate for those in need. Though rather new to the profession of law, my eagerness to learn and the mentors I have had the privilege of working with has been a tremendous asset to my legal growth and experience. Practicing Family Law has opened my eyes. The consequences and outcomes can have powerful effects on entire families. I will continue to strive to provide my client's with passionate advocacy which hopefully leads to positive results for them and their families.

As a family law attorney my goal is to help families that are going through perhaps one of the most difficult times in their lives.  For instance, when interviewing clients I see and feel the pain they are going through as they look to me for guidance in their divorce, custody or domestic violence matters. I hope that through my sincere effort to helping them, I am able to bring them comfort and peace of mind.


Undergrad: Cal Poly Pomona
Law School: Western State University College of Law
Admission Date: 12/2013