Legal separation attorney orange county California

legal separation attorney orange county

legal separation attorney orange county

A dissolution or divorce in the state of California, is not the only way to end a marriage.

Unlike a divorce “dissolution of a marriage”, there is no residency requirement for a legal separation. Once you meet the residency requirements for the state, the petition can be amended to a dissolution of marriage.

There are a many reasons why parties desire legal separations instead of a divorce. This can be a substitution to a divorce which maintains their marriage status in name. For example, one may have religious beliefs that prevents them from divorcing. Health insurance plans may be another reason. Further, filing tax returns as married does offer benefits.

With respects to a legal separation, At the Orange County Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, we champion for our family law clients through our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.

Yes, a legal separation can be an alternative to a divorce that will still need to go through the court process.

A legal separation entails approved separation of marital properties and solution of matters connected to child support, child custody; child visitation.

Consequently, it is imperative to attain the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to safeguard your legal interests. We do our utmost to acquire a just and equitable results for our clients. This can be accomplished via negotiation, litigation or settlement.

The parties no longer have the responsibilities that married couples have after the final judgment of legal separation is entered by the Court. The community assets are divided and no future accumulation  of property or joint debt should continue.

legal separation attorney orange county

Legal separation help

Please note, if you are legally separated, YOU CANNOT REMARRY, for you are still married by name only.

If you choose to follow through with a divorce, our family law firm can provide you with experienced counsel to assists in filing the proper documents essential to amend your legal separation into a divorce/dissolution of marriage.

At the Orange County Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, we will manage your legal separation case with thoroughness and attention. We will ensure you comprehend the benefits and drawbacks related with a legal separation so you can make choices that are in yours and your loved ones best interest.

At the Orange County Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, we can advise you through the complex legal procedures in California.

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