Unbundled Services/Limited Scope Representation

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What are unbundled legal services?

California unbundled legal services

unbundled legal services in Orange County

An agreement with an attorney to obtain assistance on some parts of a case for a set fee or limited fees. Also known as "limited scope representation” or "unbundling".

Our Family Law Firm offers clients the option to unbundle their family law services to meet their requirements.

These services can be described as “piecemeal”; for instance, the attorneys can prepare individual documents on your behalf or individual motions such as a motion for child support or spousal support and make an appearance only for a particular hearing.

Further the Orange County Superior Court’s Facilitators office can assist low-income individuals by preparing their paperwork and we will appear on a list that indicates that we will represent you at the hearing if hired.

Unbundled Legal Services, Limited Scope Representation and Child Support Services

Unbundled Legal Services, Limited Scope Representation and Child Support Services

In other words, our firm will represent you before the court. Therefore the appearance is an unbundled service.

The fees are fixed depending on the particular service being rendered to the client.

Attorney Bettina Yanez is a Certified Family law Specialist; therefore, you can be confident her Family Law Firm understands your legal issues.

This option to unbundle family law services is proposed as a convenience to clients who do not desire to use our full legal services.

For more information on unbundled legal services, please contact us to schedule your free consultation.

Please note: unbundled legal services are not recommended for everyone. Complex legal matters require our full services.

The experienced family law attorneys at Yanez & Associates will evaluate your case to see if unbundled services are recommended.

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