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Our family law firm handles Orange County child support and spousal support cases. The cases range from simple to complex.

What is spousal support?

Spousal support, known as alimony, is the financial payment from one spouse to the dependent spouse. Spousal support may be granted to either a husband or wife after a divorce, and it serves to help the dependent spouse continue the standard of living that was set during the marriage.

Calculating spousal support amounts and length may be very complicated and the foundation of much difference of opinion in a divorce.

What are spousal support examples?

There are quite a few types of spousal support…

• Permanent support is paid on a weekly or monthly basis until the remarriage or death of the dependent spouse.

• A lump sum support payment instead of periodic payments. However, a lump sum support payment is considered taxable.

• Rehabilitative support is very frequent. Rehabilitative support is typically awarded when the dependent spouse is younger, or if the dependent spouse is able to gain future employment. This kind of spousal support allows the dependent spouse to end their education so that they can ultimately become self-supporting.

• Temporary support lasts for a precise period. Generally, temporary support is paid for no more than two years, which allows the dependent spouse adequate time to become financially confident.


At the Orange County Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, we work meticulously to negotiate, draft, litigate, and implement alimony orders that meet the requirements of our Orange County and surrounding community clients without surrendering valued rights. Regardless if your issue necessitates a simple amicable agreement or deliberation of vastly complex financial assets, we offer extensive understanding in realizing promising alimony terms for our clients.

Moreover, we also help clients who request modification of an existing spousal support order due to a change in circumstances and we can aid you in implementing a current order for alimony.

How is spousal support determined?

The courts will consider a number of factors before awarding spousal support.

• Length of the marriage.
• Age and health of both spouses
• Earned income capacity of both spouses.
• Contribution of each spouse as a homemaker during the marriage.
• If children are involved, the custody situation must be addressed.
• Vocational skills of each spouse.
• All Other forms of income.

Orange County Child Support

Child support is a monthly financial payment by the non-physical custodial parent to the physical custodial parent towards their child’s daily needs. Child support gives financial support for things such as the child’s shelter, food, clothing, medical expenses, and educational costs. Child support laws guarantees that parents take financial accountability for their children, even after their marriage has ended.

Non-custodial parent are responsible for making payments until the child turns 18, when court ordered. Payments may continue until the child is 19, or for an extended length if the child has special needs or disabilities.

Your Orange County child support may be calculated by combining the total gross income of the parents and then multiplying by a percentage. This percentage depends upon the total number of children, both inside and outside of the marriage, that the non-custodial parent is paying child support for. The percentage also fluctuates by jurisdiction.

Orange County child support Lawyer Bettina Yanez

Orange County child support Lawyer Bettina Yanez

At the Orange County child support Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, we thoroughly work on behalf of our clients in Orange County, Los Angeles County; Riverside County Areas to acquire precise information to prove income and expenses, including discovery of concealed or non-traditional sources of income, to safeguard that the amount of child support is correct.

This is done in an effort to protect the best interests of the children for whom the child support is ordered.

We will advise you as to the issues that influence the amount of child support payable, and collect all the financial material essential to make sure that a child support order is entered which appropriately applies the child support guidelines.

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