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Is mediation for me?

orange county divorce mediation lawyer

Orange County divorce mediation lawyer

Mediation is appropriate for the majority of  couples seeking a divorce. However, if there  concerns regarding domestic violence or if one spouse is bullied or subjugated by the other, then Mediation may not be the solution.

In addition, some individuals are too uncomfortable during the divorce procedures. In other words, they are too upset and possibly incapable to sit in the same room with their spouse.

In several situations, Mediation can be accomplished in separate rooms but mediation is a voluntary procedure and both parties need to consent to continue.

The Mediated Arrangement is not legally required; therefore, either party can abandon from it prior to the Consent Order being accepted by the Court. On the other hand, most people having gone through Mediation, are equipped to endorse their arrangement as they sense a level of obligation to it.

It is always wise to have a family law divorce attorney  supporting you throughout the Mediation Procedure. The Mediator is there to provide particulars of the accessible alternatives. However, the parties' individual Family Attorney’s can advise them of their legal rights, responsibilities and expectations and make sure that they are aware of this prior to partaking in Mediation.

The Divorce Family Attorney should also inform the parties on the conditions of the Mediated Agreement prior to filing it with the Court.

Does Mediation work?

Given that the Courts do not accumulate statistics as to how many Consent Orders are attained via Mediation or otherwise, it is easier said than done to gauge how successful Mediation is. Mediators are not informed after they have completed their task whether the couple have gone to have their agreement ratified into a Consent Order. It is the public policy to promote Mediation and more and more couples appear to be deciding on this course.

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