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orange county fathers rights attorney

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The Orange County fathers rights attorney states that matters of paternity can be tremendously delicate in nature and can have an immense influence on the outlooks of both the parents and the children implicated. At the Orange County Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, our experienced and devoted team can assist you circumnavigate the waters of paternity law.

The State of California unambiguously knows that the state has a convincing interest in verifying paternity for all children. For unmarried individuals, attaining a judicial order proving paternity is a vital precursor to winning a child support order and guaranteeing that children have access to all lawful rights and benefits under California law plus, health insurance, social security, and inheritance rights. For married individuals, it may be essential to refute the assumption of paternity. Our Family Law Firm represents clients who strive to prove or invalidate paternity, and offer skilled counsel in both types of paternity actions.

Married Persons and Paternity

California's Family Code believes that if a child is born to a wedded mother, her husband is the father of that child. If the mother come to be pregnant through donor insemination or other aided reproduction, and the mother has the approval of her spouse, the spouse is also acknowledged to be the legal parent of the child.

If a child is created via a heterosexual union, the paternity assumption may be refuted if court-authorized genetic analysis shows that the spouse is not the child's father. If you suspicious that paternity may be incorrect, the assistance of legal counsel is vital to safeguard both your rights and the rights and best interests of the child.

Unmarried Persons and Paternity

A father may willingly affirm that he is the father of a child. This voluntary declaration is documented by the State of California as having the same power and result as a judgment for paternity delivered by a court, and is the foundation for creating orders for child custody, child support and visitation.

Correspondingly, a mother may pursue to ascertain that a alleged father is definitely the biological father of a child. This involves requesting the court to ascertain paternity and involves genetic testing to give an evidentiary foundation for deciding paternity disagreements. To talk with a family law attorney in Orange County California about paternity issues, please call us at 714-971-8000

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