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California Child Visitation Schedule for Orange County

Orange County California Child Visitation Schedules

Why is Visitation Necessary?

When two unmarried parents share a child in California, they usually have to get a child custody order. Child custody is divided into two categories: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody determines who is responsible for making important decisions in the child’s life regarding things such as education, religion, mental and physical health, and extracurricular activities.

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How do I Arrange Child Visitation?

If you find yourself asking, " How do I Arrange Child Visitation? ". The easiest way to arrange child visitation is by discussing a plan with the other party. If you are able to reach an amicable agreement regarding visitation with the other side without court intervention this is preferable. This is helpful because without court…
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How are Supervised Visits Arranged?

Supervised visits can be ordered by a judge if he feels that it would be in the child's best interest to have one of the parties monitored. Some reasons the visitation may need to be monitored would be if there is any indication that there is abuse going on, if illegal substances are being used,…
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A Skilled Child Visitation Lawyer in Orange County, California

At our Family Law Offices we understand that child visitation in the State of California is a sensitive indispensable portion of a possible contested family law case, and decisions need to be made that may have a huge impact on your child(ren). Child visitation in California, stresses that the best interests of the child(ren) are…
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What is Supervised Visitation in Orange County?

The State of California always strives to protect the best interest of children. When the child's parents have custody or visitation issues within the courts, if the matter is an issue of protection and safety, the judge will decide to make it mandatory for a neutral third person to be present during all the parent/child contact. This type of…
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What Does Reasonable Visitation Really Mean?

Ever wonder what it really means when a Judge awards a party Reasonable Visitation of the children?  This type of order, is often accompanied by one parent being granted sole physical and legal custody while the other parent is given “reasonable visitation”. The parent with reasonable visitation often feels that the other parent controls and…
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