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At our Family Law Offices we understand that child visitation in the State of California is a sensitive indispensable portion of a possible contested family law case, and decisions need to be made that may have a huge impact on your child(ren).

Child visitation in California, stresses that the best interests of the child(ren) are considered. This principle orders that the Family Law Court take into account many components which may well perhaps increase the hostility, apprehension, and disagreement among the parties.

If you are seeking a favorable visitation order along with your dissolution of marriage, legal separation or domestic violence matters, we thoroughly work to achieve conclusive outcomes for our families looking for positive visitation rights. While at the same time as maintaining the awareness and attention needed to ensure that the needs and happiness of your child(ren) endures.

If child visitation is in the best interests of your child, the courts will allow it

California courts do not favor one parent over another when it comes to visitation rights. The family law courts allow the parents to come up with their own visitation plan; moreover, it is encouraged. The courts do not like to take visitation rights away from parents and prefer if the parties compromised and designed their own visitation plan. If the court is forced to come up with it’s own plan, neither side may like the plan.

The visitation plan should always safeguard the best interests of the child(ren). The family law court may order divorcing parents who are not able to decide on a child visitation issues to attend mediation to try to resolve matters of child visitation as well as other related issues. Nonetheless, mediation is only as beneficial as the individuals’ determination to collaborate; consequently, a hearing may be in order if the parents cannot agree.

Our experienced family law child visitation attorneys have effectively championed for numerous Southern California clients who have agreed on visitation matters that were planned with the best interest of the child(ren) in mind. Our Family Law Firm also offers all-inclusive trial representation in simple to complex child custody and visitation matters. Our family attorneys will advice you through the legal procedure, labor to put in order a fair visitation agreement in which the child(ren) interests are primary, and if trial cannot be avoided, rest certain, we are equipped and ready to preserve your rights.

Moreover, our Orange County Law Firm can help you resolve other areas of practice dealing with child visitation; for example, matters concerning move-aways, child custody, modification of orders, paternity issues and any other areas dealing with California family law.

When disputes and disagreements affect to your legal rights and you need to safeguard the best interests of your children, an experienced attorney matters. Our firm is well established in Orange County and minutes from the family law court in Orange, California.

If you are looking to retain a family law attorney in Orange County or Los Angeles County, call us now to schedule a free consultation. We hope you will consider our family law firm and together we can build a winning team based on honesty, trust and communication.

Child support attorney in Orange County
Child Custody lawyers in Orange County CA

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