Child support attorney in Orange County

Spousal support attorney Orange County
A Skilled Child Visitation Lawyer in Orange County, California

child support attorneys for Orange County CA

If you are looking for a child support attorney in Orange County, stemming from a divorce, dissolution or legal separation action, from a disagreement resulting from the sum of child support being paid, our family law firm can help you. The State of California uses guidelines for calculating the amount of child support to be paid.

The factors used to calculate the support include both parents income, the number of child needing support, health insurance cost, and the percentage of time each parent spends with the child(ren). A thorough grasp of these elements is essential to safeguard that the total of child support calculated by the guidelines correctly reveals the accurate liabilities and income of both parents. In a nutshell, the support amount is generated by a computer software program, it is used by the courts to calculate the child support amount. Therefore, it is important that accurate information is inputted into the program in order to produce a sound support amount.

Our Orange County child support attorneys labor for our clients in order to obtain results that are in the best interest of your child(ren).

We attain truthful figures to demonstrate income and expenses, as well as unearthing concealed resources of income through discovery, to make certain the sum of child support is a truthful indication of the incomes of both parents in an attempt to safeguard the best interests of the child(ren). Our experienced child support lawyers will advice you as to the elements that influence the sum of child support, and collect all the data needed to confirm that a child support order is entered correctly.

A change in circumstances in either side will allow the parties to modify the child support order. Examples of a change in circumstances may be, unemployment, the percentage of time spent with the child(ren), a new job which produces more income.

Just be aware that child support cannot be waived, regardless if one of the parties has lost their employment. Parents must find a way to make their child support payments; otherwise, they will find themselves in court for violating an order. At times parents may find themselves spending time in jail for contempt, failure to make their child support payments. Parents that hold professional licenses may loose them for also failing to make their support payments. The State of California is extremely aggressive with parents that do not meet their child(ren) obligations.

Our family law attorneys offer skill and knowledge in circumnavigating these the ins & outs of child support cases, both from the viewpoint of the disbursing party and the receiving party.

To schedule a free consultation with a family law attorney in Orange County California concerning child support, please call us 24/7.

Concentrating on family law in Orange County, Los Angeles County and parts of Riverside County, our family law firm makes every effort to foster bonds with clients founded on honesty and open interaction.

Spousal support attorney Orange County
A Skilled Child Visitation Lawyer in Orange County, California

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