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Child custody lawyers in Orange County CA know that child custody  matters are delicate nonetheless essential part of a family law case, and choices have to be reached that will have a considerable influence on your child(ren).

In the State of California, child custody necessitates the best interests of the child(ren). This criterion orders that the Family Law Court take into account numerous delicate elements which may possibly intensify the tension, anxiety, and difference among the parties. This region of the law entails the well-informed, concerned, and reactive demonstration that our Family Law Firm offers. If you are pursuing a custody order in relation with your divorce, legal separation or domestic violence case, we meticulously labor to attain positive results for our family law clients at the same time as preserving the understanding and consideration needed to guarantee that the wishes and well-being of your child(ren) remains in the forefront.

Child custody can be kept by both individuals, known as joint custody or by a single person, known as sole custody. In addition, California differentiates from physical custody and legal custody. For instance, if an individual retains sole legal custody, this person has the power and duty to make choices about the wellbeing, schooling, and health of the child(ren). If the parties divide up joint legal custody, both parties are lawfully permitted to craft such determinations. If a party has sole physical custody, the child(ren) lives with that person and is in the care of that person. The family law court can award visits to the person who lacks physical custody.

California permits child custody in the following ways:

  •  An individual can have sole legal custody and sole physical custody
  •  An individual can have joint legal custody and sole physical custody
  •  An individuals can share physical custody, even as one person has sole legal custody
  •  An individuals can share both legal custody and physical custody

California does not favor a specific kind of custody. Moreover the family law court and the parties are permitted choices to form a plan that keeps and safeguards the best interests of the child(ren). The family law court expects that parents who are not able to decide on a custody arrangement go to mediation to attempt to settle matters of child custody. Nevertheless, mediation is only as useful as the individuals’ will to cooperate; therefore, a hearing may be essential.

Our family law firm has successfully championed for numerous California clients who have agreed on a child custody agreement that is in the best interest of the child(ren). Our Firm also offers complete trial representation in contested child custody matters. Our family law attorneys will counsel you throughout the mediation procedure, labor to prepare a just and fair custody arrangement in which the child(ren) interests are principal, and if trial becomes essential, rest assured, we are ready to safeguard your rights.

In addition, our Family Law Firm can help you solve other parts dealing with child custody; for instance, issues regarding move-aways, modification of orders, interstate and international custody disputes, just to name a few.

When it comes to your legal rights and protecting the best interests of your children, experience matters. Our firm is well known in Los Angeles County and Orange County and highly recommended.

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A Skilled Child Visitation Lawyer in Orange County, California
Divorce Attorney in Orange County CA

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