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What paperwork do I need to file for divorce in OC California

What paperwork do i need to file for divorce in OC California? When you file for divorce in California, it is always recommended that you consult with a divorce attorney. The following information is provided for reference only, and because every divorce is unique, your attorney can help you determine whether you need all of the following forms, how to fill them out correctly, and where to file them.

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OC Modification of a Spousal Support Order after Your Divorce

Orange County Modification of a Spousal Support Order after Your Divorce

During a divorce settlement, spousal support, or alimony, is determined, and a spousal support order is put into effect. Legal orders for spousal support can be legally enforced as long as they are valid.

But what happens when circumstances change and you can no longer afford to pay your spousal support payments? What happens if your circumstances change and your monthly check is not high enough? Or what if you are paying alimony to a former spouse who no longer requires additional income?

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Limited Scope and Unbundled Legal Services from an Orange County Attorney

Limited Scope and Unbundled Legal Services in Orange County

Unbundled legal services, also called limited scope representation, exist to ensure that everyone in the United States can afford legal advice.

When a client secures limited scope representation, the client and lawyer agree that the lawyer will handle some parts of the case, and the client will handle the rest. The attorney does not represent the client, but provides a limited scope of legal representation, appearing at some hearings, preparing a brief for the client, or negotiating part of the case while the client is technically represented by him or herself.

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Orange County Domestic Partnership Same Sex Agreements

Same Sex Agreements: Southern California Marriage and Domestic Partnerships

Learn about Orange County Domestic Partnership Same Sex Agreements. California law allows two individuals of any sex or gender to marry or to enter a domestic partnership. However, because of the Defense of Marriage Act, same sex marriages are not federally recognized, and each state has the power to decide whether or not to allow same sex marriages, and whether or not to recognize same sex marriages that have been granted under the laws of other states.

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Orange County Child Custody and Relocation Attorneys

Child Custody and Relocation Attorneys in Orange CA

When two parents share visitation or custody rights of a child or children in California, decisions regarding the children are made in the best interests of a child. If one parent wishes to relocate, the legal system does not determine whether the parent has the right to move, but whether the child can legally move with the parent.

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Compassionate and Aggressive Post-Divorce Dispute Attorneys in the OC

Orange County Compassionate and Aggressive Post-Divorce Dispute Attorneys

If your divorce settlement was determined by a judge rather than through a form of alternative dispute resolution, like mediation, the divorce order likely follows the law but is not necessarily what you and your former spouse consider fair. In some divorces, you may have a legal reason to dispute your divorce settlement, especially when it comes to spousal support, child support, or dealing with the child custody and visitation agreement in practice.

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How Do I Establish Parentage in Orange County?

Establishing Parentage in Orange County

The need to establish parentage comes into play when two parents are not married to each other at the time the child is born. Proof that a man is the biological father of a child does not automatically grant him legal rights, or responsibilities regarding the child. A parentage judgment does not establish child custody or child support orders, it is simply a judgment that says who the child’s parents are.

Establishing parentage has numerous benefits for both parents and children, regardless of the age of the child.

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Paternity Actions to Establish a Child’s Legal Father

Paternity Actions to Establish a Child’s Legal Father in the OC

Every child deserves to have the benefits of two legally established parents. Establishing paternity, or determining the legal father of a child, allows a child to legally receive financial support from both parents, in many cases it initiates legally required time spent with each parent, and it allows a child to be covered by a parent’s insurance plan, to claim life insurance benefits, to claim an inheritance, or to claim social security benefits.

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How can I Legally Changing my Name in OC California?

How can I Legally Changing my Name in California?

Although a legal name change used to be a relatively simple task, due to increasing threats of identity theft and terrorism in the last several years, the process has become a little more complex. Today, a name change in the OC usually requires a court order, and can only be done in certain circumstances.

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Grandparents Have Rights to Custody and Visitation in Orange County CA

In California, Grandparents Have Rights to Custody and Visitation of Their Grandchildren

OC Grandparents Have Rights To Custody And Visitation: Grandparents can file for visitation rights of their grandchildren in many cases in California. In order for visitation rights to be granted, the court has to find the following:

• The grandparent and child had an existing relationship that is in the best interest of the child, and • The grandparents’ rights must balance with the parents’ rights to decide what is best for their child.

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