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OC Child Support HELP!

OC child support attorneys near Lamoreaux Justice Center

OC child support attorneys are available to assist you with your family law and divorce matter. The attorneys will be able to guide you throughout the entire process. Attorneys will be able to defend you in court, and ensure that all deadlines are being met. When it comes to child support in California it is not a good idea to ignore the matter. Failing to pay one's support obligation can be met with rude awakening results. For instance, some parents may find themselves in contempt of court actions if the matter is escalated.

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Orange County Child Support Services

Orange County Child Support Services General Information

Child Support Basics

A child support order mandates payments from one of a child’s parents to the other in order to support a minor child. The specific terms of every child support order are unique, and the amount is determined by several factors, including the following.

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Making changes to child support Orders in Orange County CA

During a divorce a child support order will be issued. The judge will base the order on your situation at that present time. Factors include income, job, or any increase in wages. If you are interested in making changes to child support Orders you may want to inquire with a family law attorney. The family law…
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Child Support and Divorce in Orange County

Child support is one of the many issues that will be discussed and need resolving in your divorce matter. Additionally, visitation rights are often highly disputed in a divorce proceeding. The best case scenario in these proceedings is working with the opposing party to attempt to work out an amicable agreement without court intervention. Child…
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Child Support in California

If you are considering filing for divorce you will want to familiarize yourself with the divorce process in California. Divorce laws may vary from state to state.  In California, the courts use what is called the guideline calculator. With the guideline calculator you can input data as to your income and assets and it will…
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Selma Hayek, a Billionaire and Child Support

There is a buzz among Social media and news organizations about billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault and super model Linda Evangelista.  The tabloids have been reporting that there is trouble in Paradise for Selma Hayek and her husband. Selma Hayek is allegedly upset that her husband reached an amicable agreement to pay Linda Evangelista the mother of…
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Child Support Determination in CA

Figuring out child support payments and visitation schedules are often a stressful element in the divorce process. Both parents need to reach a fair and appropriate agreement in regards to support payments and visitation dates and times. In addition to figuring out support, custody and visitation  all determinations must be in the childs best interest.…
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What is the Guideline Calculator?

In California, family law courts and judges use the guideline calculator. The guideline calculator is used to calculate the amount of child support that will be owed. The amount calculated is an estimate of what the child support payments may potentially be. When the matter is heard in front of the judge the judge will…
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Tired of dealing with a deadbeat parent? This Women was

A Palm City women, Krista Cromwell is said to have been at her wits end and tired of filing contempt action after contempt action against Tyler Archibald of Martin County for not paying his court ordered child support.  Well, apparently Ms. Cromwell found a law that has not been used in quite a while that…
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Former NFL player, Terrell Owens paid back Child Support to avoid Jail.

The Associated Press has reported that former NFL player Terrell Owens entered into an agreement to pay back child support due to Ms. Melanie Smith in order to avoid possible jail time in a contempt of court action. The child support matter is being heard in Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Georgia. The terms…
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