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Determining when to Divorce in OC California

Determining When to Divorce your Spouse in Orange County California Marriage and divorce can be two of the most life-changing decisions a person can make. While most people approach marriage with happiness and excitement with some nerves thrown in, divorce can seem daunting, financially overwhelming and emotionally unsettling. So, how do you know when filing for a divorce is the right choice for you?
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How Much Does Mediation Cost?

When going through a divorce it is important to speak with a legal professional and weigh your options. Divorce can be costly and stressful so it is important to ask questions and to thoroughly understand the process to alleviate that stress that is associated. Mediation is a voluntary option for dispute resolution. Both parties must…
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Mediation Divorce Lawyers

Mediatior divorce lawyers can assist with resolving the conflicts in a divorce without needing to appear in court. In a mediation session both parties appear voluntarily. The voluntary nature of these mediation sessions take of some of the stress and tension that is associated with filing for a divorce. Divorce is the traditional method of…
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