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Protecting the Elderly from Abuse

Protecting the elderly from abuse is a pertinent issue in society today. The pertinence has increased due to the growing number of elder abuse cases being reported. Elder abuse is often under reported by the elderly. There are many reasons why the elderly do not report abuse. One reason is that they are not connected to the new technology, such as cellular devices, or the internet. The lack of connection to newer forms of technology limits there ability to reach out to others. In addition, the lack of connection to technology, such as the internet does not allow for them to easily research the resources available for senior citizens in their community.

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Elder Law Orange County California

Attorney - Elder Law in Orange County, California

Elder law is a broad area of law that encompasses various things that affect the aging population, specifically those who are 65 years old or older. Elder law can include any of the following areas of law:

• Elder abuse, whether in a nursing home, through a financial scam or the abuse of another caregiver or a power of attorney,
• Power of attorney,
• Guardianship,
• Caring for elders, from financial care to paying for a nursing home,
• Estate planning, including wills, trusts, and other planning relating to property, health and finances,
• Medicare,
• Other areas of law that an elderly person may have to take care of.

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OC elder abuse information

Elder abuse is a pertinent topic in society these days due to the growing case load. If you live in Southern California you would need OC elder abuse information to help you understand the topic. [caption id="attachment_9594" align="alignleft" width="300"] OC elder abuse information[/caption] The amount of cases of elder abuse are on the rise. The…
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Elder Law in Orange County

Elder law in Orange County is becoming even m0re significant due to the increase of elder abuse cases being reported. Elder abuse is currently on the rise, therefore, it is important that all members of society are informed of the causes of elder abuse, and how we can prevent further instances of abuse. [caption id="attachment_9509"…
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Preventing Elder Abuse in California

Preventing Elder Abuse in California is a primary concern due to the number of instances of abuse being reported. According to several statistics elder abuse is on the rise. With the current situation the economy is in it is difficult to assist all of the elderly individuals in the community. It is important to raise…
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California Laws to Protect the Elderly

With elder abuse on the rise it is important to be aware of the California laws to protect the elderly. The options available to you. In order to protect the aging population it is important to become educated regarding elder abuse, the causes of elder abuse, methods of reporting abuse, as well as any additional resources…
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Protecting Seniors from Abuse

Protecting seniors from abuse is extremely important especially due to the rise in elder abuse cases. Elder abuse often goes unreported due to unfamiliarity with the topic. Seniors also do not disclose details of the abuse to others. There are many reasons why senior citizens do not feel comfortable reporting the abuse they or someone…
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Reporting Elder Abuse in Orange County

Elder abuse cases have been on the rise. The elder abuse case loads have been increasing despite many cases of elder abuse that go unreported. Many seniors do not know where to go to report the abuse. In addition, some seniors fear retaliation from their caregivers or family members and therefore remain silent. Many individuals…
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Signs of Elder Abuse

Recognizing signs of elder abuse can help protect a senior you know and love. The elderly population is often vulnerable due to old age, or illness. Often others may take advantage of senior knowing they are vulnerable. Elder abuse can occur in many form. Some forms of elder abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial…
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Elder law attorneys in Orange County CA

If you or someone you know lives with an elderly individual it is important to know the rights of that elderly individual. For instance, if they are being abused financially, physically or emotionally you will want to know where to go to report this abuse. Furthermore, you will want to go to adult protective services…
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