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California Laws to Protect the Elderly

With elder abuse on the rise it is important to be aware of the California laws to protect the elderly. The options available to you. In order to protect the aging population it is important to become educated regarding elder abuse, the causes of elder abuse, methods of reporting abuse, as well as any additional resources…
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How is Stress Related to Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse studies have shown that elder abuse may be related to stress. Furthermore, along with stress, the caregivers may be suffering from depression. Studies are currently trying to determine what the correlation, if any is related to physical abuse. Additionally, other factors may play a role such as levels of income, coping skills and…
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Types of Elder Abuse

Many are unaware of the types of elder abuse that can occur. It is important for everyone to familiarize themselves with what elder abuse looks like. If everyone is able to identify elder abuse they will be able to report it as soon as it is witnessed. Elder abuse can occur in any environment, racial…
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