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Reporting Elder Abuse in California

Learn about Reporting Elder Abuse in California

In California, people over 65 years old are considered elders. It is important that you understand how to recognize elder abuse, how to report elder abuse, and the potential consequences of failing to report it.

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Protecting the Elderly from Abuse

Protecting the elderly from abuse is a pertinent issue in society today. The pertinence has increased due to the growing number of elder abuse cases being reported. Elder abuse is often under reported by the elderly. There are many reasons why the elderly do not report abuse. One reason is that they are not connected to the new technology, such as cellular devices, or the internet. The lack of connection to newer forms of technology limits there ability to reach out to others. In addition, the lack of connection to technology, such as the internet does not allow for them to easily research the resources available for senior citizens in their community.

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Preventing Elder Abuse in California

Preventing Elder Abuse in California is a primary concern due to the number of instances of abuse being reported. According to several statistics elder abuse is on the rise. With the current situation the economy is in it is difficult to assist all of the elderly individuals in the community. It is important to raise…
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Where to Report Elder Abuse

Many seniors are unaware of where to go or who they should turn to if they have experienced elder abuse. It is important that we inform seniors in our community so that they can receive some assistance and support from various elder care agencies. The first step to finding local resources is to conduct some research…
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