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Hiring Mediators in Orange County

Hiring a Mediator in Orange County is one option for divorce conflict resolution.  The mediation process is a more affordable method for conflict resolution. This is a process that a couple may try before resorting to the traditional divorce proceedings. Prices may vary depending on the attorneys or mediators you choose to hire. You will…
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What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference?

A mandatory settlement conference is required during a divorce if the matter will need to be heard in court. This is a final attempt to try and resolve issues in the divorce matter before needing it to be heard in court, in front of a judge. Resolving the matter before trial is a way to…
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Who is the Petitioner in a Divorce?

The petitioner in a divorce is the first person to file paperwork with the court. The opposing party required to respond to the divorce is known as the respondent. There are certain deadlines that need to be met in regards to responding to a divorce. For further information on court deadlines you will want to…
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