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Avvo 10 rating for Family Law Attorney Bettina Yanez

Avvo 10 rating: Top Family Law & Divorce attorney Bettina Yanez receives a top rating from Avvo.

Avvo is an online forum for legal professionals where people can search for attorneys and ask legal questions of the attorneys. In a nutshell it is a Q&A forum that deals with many areas of the legal practice. The Answers given by the attorneys are a good starting point for the individual.

Avvo rates the attorneys, there by giving the viewers an idea of the attorney in question. Moreover, clients are able to review the attorneys, see any disciplinary actions and peer commendations.

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Finding divorce lawyers in Orange County CA

Searching for Orange County Divorce Lawyers near you

Finding divorce lawyers in Orange County CA: Divorce attorneys and family lawyers in the Orange County are here to help you to navigate the legal system when you have a family law issue. Usually, these issues involve things that can affect your everyday life: your children, your home, your safety, or your finances. The sensitive nature of family law requires a skilled attorney who can help you to make smart decisions at a very stressful time, and who can understand your situation while guiding you to make the best decisions for your family.

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How do I get a Divorce in California?

How do I get a divorce in California?, is a valid question since the process varies from state to state. If you are looking to divorce in California it is important to be informed.  The duration of a divorce in California is a minimum of six months. This six months is known as the six month weighting period…
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What does the Term Petitioner mean in a Divorce?

In a divorce their is what is known as the petitioner and the respondent. The petitioner in a divorce is the individual who files for divorce first. In contrast, the respondent will be the individual who gets served with the divorce documents. The respondent is required to respond to the divorce in a specific amount…
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Do I Qualify for a Summary Dissolution?

In order to file a summary dissolution you must qualify. In order to qualify you and your spouse must meet ALL of the following requirements. You and your spouse must not: Have been married for less than 5 years from the date of married to the date you separated; Have no children together either born…
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How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

Divorce prices will vary depending on the particular matter. Every divorce matter will vary slightly depending upon various factors. If the divorce matter is simple, meaning that both parties are in agreement the cost will be lower. In contrast, if the divorce matter will be highly contested, meaning both parties cannot come to an agreement…
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The government of Japan has officially determined to ratify Hague Convention on Child Abduction

The Japan Times reports that the government of Japan has official determined to get ready to ratify the 1980 Hague Convention as to aspects of International Child Abduction.  The Japanese government is said to be working on legislation to be submitted to the succeeding Diet session. There is however growing opposition from some leaders and…
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When Is It Time to Inquire About Divorce?

Divorce can be one of the most stressful, confusing, and uncomfortable decisions one may make in their lifetime. The reason for the stress is not only on a personal level. The decision needs to take everyone and everything into consideration. Why are you choosing to divorce? Have you truly thought out this life changing decision?…
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Are you thinking about filing for divorce?

If you and your spouse or domestic partner are thinking about filing for divorce, it is imperative that both of you educate yourselves about the process and about your legal rights.  At Yanez & Associates, our firm explains in plain English all aspects of the divorce process. Our attorneys know this is a difficult time…
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California No-fault divorce

No-fault divorce is a dissolution of marriage, which does not demand a proving of misconduct by either spouse. California no-fault divorce law allows a family law court to allow a divorce by either spouse, without needing the petitioner to give proof that the respondent has perpetrated a violation of the marital contract. California laws providing…
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