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California No-fault divorce

No-fault divorce is a dissolution of marriage, which does not demand a proving of misconduct by either spouse. California no-fault divorce law allows a family law court to allow a divorce by either spouse, without needing the petitioner to give proof that the respondent has perpetrated a violation of the marital contract. California laws providing…
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Grounds for Dissolution

California is a “no-fault” state, but does require a party to claim there are grounds for granting the dissolution.  There are two grounds for a dissolution: Irreconcilable differences. Incurable insanity. While I often have clients come in claiming that their soon to be ex spouse is incurably insane, I usually manage to convince them that…
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What does a “no fault” divorce mean?

California is  considered to be a “no fault” state.  This means that the court does not look to place blame on either party for the breakup of the marriage. In practical terms, it means that infidelity has little relevance to a dissolution case. The main reason it becomes an issue in a divorce case is…
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