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Finding the Top Orange County Family Law Attorney

How can I insure I find the top Orange County Family Law Attorney to represent me in my divorce matter? These are difficult and trying times and this is a common concern to people contemplating a divorce. It is for this reason that we offer a free 60 minute consultation. The consultation is your time…
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Where can I find Divorce Information?

When researching divorce information a great place to start is through speaking with family and friends. Family and friends may have already gone through the divorce process. On the other hand, your family and friends may know of some experienced family law attorneys who may be able to assist you in your particular matter. Divorce…
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Who is the Petitioner in a Divorce?

The petitioner in a divorce is the first person to file paperwork with the court. The opposing party required to respond to the divorce is known as the respondent. There are certain deadlines that need to be met in regards to responding to a divorce. For further information on court deadlines you will want to…
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