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Mediators Orange County California

Mediators for Orange County, California can assist you with your divorce disputes. When looking to hire a mediator in the Orange County area it is important to understand what mediation entails, and what a mediator's role is. Mediation is at times an alternative to the typical divorce proceeding. Mediation is a less costly alternative for…
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Hiring Mediators in Orange County

Hiring a Mediator in Orange County is one option for divorce conflict resolution.  The mediation process is a more affordable method for conflict resolution. This is a process that a couple may try before resorting to the traditional divorce proceedings. Prices may vary depending on the attorneys or mediators you choose to hire. You will…
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What are temporary orders for?

A divorce can seem confusing at many points of the process. During an extensive divorce, you may hear your attorney talk about obtaining temporary or interim orders. Temporary orders are vital during the divorce process because they lay the ground rules while a divorce is pending. Since divorces often take more than a year, judges…
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