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Omitted Assets

Omitted assets are assets that are kept out of the divorce sometimes done unintentionally but mostly done intentionally.  While going through a divorce you and your spouse are to put forward all of your assets.  People may try to omit their assets but that would not be wise.  If that is done then the court…
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What Can A Divorce Lawyer Help Me With?

Divorce Lawyers can assist with any issues regarding your family and how time and assets will be divided. In addition, divorce attorneys can help you if you have a domestic violence situation with the opposing party and need to seek a restraining order. The restraining order will prevent the opposing party from being within close…
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Orange County California Experienced Community Property Division Attorney

California is a community property state. Community property plays an important part in property distribution in a legal separation or marital dissolution; the law overseeing community property can be complicated. Community property normally comprises of the assets and debts obtained by spouses throughout the marriage without regards to the income or contributions of individual spouses.…
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