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What are hidden and overlooked assets in divorces

In a current blog post  A Checklist point out a valuable and general list of assets that are often ignored or concealed in divorces and legal separations.  In California, all assets obtained during marriage by both party are assumed to be community property.  It is vital that before the property settlement or division of propertyin…
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Omitted Assets

Omitted assets are assets that are kept out of the divorce sometimes done unintentionally but mostly done intentionally.  While going through a divorce you and your spouse are to put forward all of your assets.  People may try to omit their assets but that would not be wise.  If that is done then the court…
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Property & Debt Division

  One of the conflicted issues that you may come across during the divorce process is the division of marital assets and debts. First of all, you are not filing for divorce because you are happily married. That given, you are probably not willing to give up on the property you shared together. In addition,…
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