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Child Abuse and Neglect

When a third person reports about the safety of a child, the police/social worker will investigate. The police/social worker will determine if the court should get involved and the neglected child may be taken away. After the child is taken away, the social worker will get to know about you and your child to determine…
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Abuse & Neglect: Information for Parents

Why was my child taken away? The police officer or social worker decided your child needed to be in temporary foster care to be safe. This can be because your child: -Wasn't well taken care of or watched over; -Was neglected, abused, or molested; or -Was left with someone who didn't take good care of…
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Child Abuse & Neglect in Orange County, California

When someone makes a report about the safety of your child, the police or a social worker must investigate. They have to decide if the court should get involved so your child will be safe and protected. If the police or social worker decides your child needs to be in temporary foster care to be…
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