Abuse & Neglect: Information for Parents

Property Division During Divorce
What is Juvenile Court?

Why was my child taken away?

The police officer or social worker decided your child needed to be in temporary foster care to be safe. This can be because your child:

-Wasn't well taken care of or watched over;
-Was neglected, abused, or molested; or
-Was left with someone who didn't take good care of them.

Where is my child now?
Your child may be at a shelter or in a foster home.

The social worker will tell you more or give you a phone number to call to find out more. Call the social worker during the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Will I get my child back?
Maybe. The social worker for your case will find out about you, your house, and your child. He or she will do what they think is the best way to keep your child safe.

For now, your child can be sent to live:

-With the other legal parent (if you don't live together);
-With a relative; or
-In a foster home or shelter.

These events are very important and can/will affect the rest of your life as well as your child's. It's crucial that you get in contact with legal representation to guide you through the upcoming proceedings.

If you find yourself in Dependency Court you will need the assistance of an Orange County Juvenile attorney call today for a free consultation 714-971-8000.

Property Division During Divorce
What is Juvenile Court?

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