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When to seek Mediation?

Mediation is used to resolve conflicts between parties. Choosing to use mediation as a method of conflict resolution is based on preference. This may be an option if you would like to resolve the conflict in a less costly manner. In addition, this may be a great option to consider before matters escalate. The mediation…
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Legal Separation Attorneys in Orange County California

Legal Separation A dissolution, or divorce in California, means to terminate a marriage. There are countless of reasons why couples pursue a legal separation, an option to marital dissolution that keeps the individual married in name only. For example, they may belong to a religion that frowns on divorce or some may wish to keep…
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What is Mediation?

Even if you have a dispute that goes to a small claims court, though it's not as serious as going to Superior Court, it still is a court case in front of a judge. These can be long, arduous, frustrating and expensive. Instead of going this route, why not first try to solve your dispute in mediation?…
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