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Military divorce and survivor benefits

Military Divorce cases can include grave financial issues such as the right to Survivor Benefits in a Military marriage of long duration. This benefit is income to a survivor of a deceased military member. The purpose of a Survivor Benefits Plan is to provide financial support to a surviving spouse of a deceased military member.…
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When to seek Mediation?

Mediation is used to resolve conflicts between parties. Choosing to use mediation as a method of conflict resolution is based on preference. This may be an option if you would like to resolve the conflict in a less costly manner. In addition, this may be a great option to consider before matters escalate. The mediation…
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Who Benefits From the Mediation Process?

The mediator may not have a wager in the topic to be discussed and resolved through mediation. The voluntary nature of mediation helps to minimize the misconception of being against the other party. The mediator will assist communication from one party to another. This will help assure that the conversation remains on the relevant issues…
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