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A Guide to a California Divorce for Members of the Military – Orange County, CA

The other party is in the military and I cannot find them, what can I do to move the case along in California if I cannot locate them? When divorcing an active member of the military, you and your spouse may already face obstacles that civilians may not face during a divorce. If your spouse is overseas, you may wonder if you can even file for divorce in California. How will child support or custody and visitation work with a military member who is currently abroad? What about the financial benefits of marriage to a member of the military?
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Military divorce and survivor benefits

Military Divorce cases can include grave financial issues such as the right to Survivor Benefits in a Military marriage of long duration. This benefit is income to a survivor of a deceased military member. The purpose of a Survivor Benefits Plan is to provide financial support to a surviving spouse of a deceased military member.…
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