Alternatives to a Conservatorship

Restraining Orders: Getting Help
Effects of a Restraining Order

If you are considering conservatorship, you have to make sure that there are no other options available to you otherwise the judge might not grant your petition. A conservatorship might not even be necessarily if the person in question can:

-Take care of his/her own basic needs
-Be of sound mind enough to willingly sign a power of attorney to someone who can help with his/her finances
-Collects social security or welfare every month. Social Security Administration might be able to assign you a representative payee who is a person that the social security or welfare recipient can allow to receive their checks on their behalf.
-Have a spouse or domestic partner handle the financial decisions. For this option, the property must be community property or in a joint account.

Some other alternatives to conservatorship regarding medical and personal care items:

-Allow for an advance health care directive
-Get court authorization for medical treatments
-Prepare informal personal care arrangements
-Filing for restraining orders to protect against harassment

For financial decisions, instead of a conservatorship you can possibly:

-Give power of attorney to a trusted individual
- Arrange for a substitute payee for public benefits (like veterans’ benefits or social security benefits)
-Prepare informal arrangements
-Get joint ownership of accounts and other property/assets
-Make a living trust

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Restraining Orders: Getting Help
Effects of a Restraining Order

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