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What is Financial Elder Abuse?

Financial elder abuse is one of the many forms of elder abuse that can occur. This type of elder abuse often occurs when the senior citizen is in a vulnerable state. For instance, many times the aging population due to failing health must obtain a power of attorney over their finances and financial decisions. The…
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The Basics of establishing an estate

Estates are extremely useful and necessary tools to provide loved ones peace once you are gone. The first basic step of creating an estate is to create a trust. A trust is simply an agreement between the creator of the trust and the person managing the trust. Nowadays, these can even be the same person…
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Alternatives to a Conservatorship

If you are considering conservatorship, you have to make sure that there are no other options available to you otherwise the judge might not grant your petition. A conservatorship might not even be necessarily if the person in question can: -Take care of his/her own basic needs -Be of sound mind enough to willingly sign a power…
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