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Child Support Guideline Calculator for California

California Child Support Guidelines In California, when creating a child support order, the courts look at several determining factors. You can also find child support calculators online that can give you an idea of how much child support you could potentially owe or be owed by your child’s other parent. Parents do have the option to create their own child support agreement, but if they cannot agree on one, the court will use a calculation from the California Child support guideline to determine the amount owed in a child support order.
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What are the Categories the Guideline Calculator uses for Determining Child Support?

If you are wondering what categories the guideline calculator uses to determine child support, it is important to conduct some research. There are various ways to inquire regarding the categories used to determine child support. The following methods are important when inquiring regarding what can be used to calculate support that will be owed. First,…
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Importance of Establishing Paternity

Your child’s best interests are the primary concern. It is important to know who your child’s father is. If you are wondering why the importance of establish paternity, it is important to keep the following in mind: First, establishing paternity may ensure that your child is taken care of financially. Child support payments can help…
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