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Child Support in Southern California

Searching for an Orange County Attorney for Child Support in Southern California Dealing with child support in Southern California, child support can be complicated to determine, but a skilled attorney can help you through the process. The following are questions that you may not think to ask until you are already immersed in a child support case. Do not hesitate to discuss these topics with your family lawyer so you can understand how they apply to your situation.
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Modifying a Child Support Order in California

Here is important information on modifying a child support order in California. In a divorce if there are children present a child support order will be requested. If the parties do not agree on how much support they will give one another they will need to have a judge determine what the appropriate amount will be.…
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Making changes to child support Orders in Orange County CA

During a divorce a child support order will be issued. The judge will base the order on your situation at that present time. Factors include income, job, or any increase in wages. If you are interested in making changes to child support Orders you may want to inquire with a family law attorney. The family law…
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