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When Can I Ask for Child Support in Orange County CA?

Orange County CA Child Support Lawyer FAQ: When Can I Ask for Child Support in Orange County? When a child is born or lives in California, that child has the right to the financial support of both legal parents. When parents do not live together, or are not in a registered domestic partnership or marriage…
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Orange County Child Support Services

Orange County Child Support Services General Information Child Support Basics A child support order mandates payments from one of a child’s parents to the other in order to support a minor child. The specific terms of every child support order are unique, and the amount is determined by several factors, including the following.
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Selma Hayek, a Billionaire and Child Support

There is a buzz among Social media and news organizations about billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault and super model Linda Evangelista.  The tabloids have been reporting that there is trouble in Paradise for Selma Hayek and her husband. Selma Hayek is allegedly upset that her husband reached an amicable agreement to pay Linda Evangelista the mother of…
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