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When to Mediate?

Mediation is voluntary for both sides. This is a method of resolving conflict between two parties. This may be a more affordable approach to conflict resolution. The mediator will assist the two parties in discussing their difference and reaching an amicable agreement. Mediators are to remain a neutral third parties. The mediator is to remain…
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Using Mediation For Conflict Resolution

If you are in the middle of a conflict, mediation is often a great alternative. Mediation is voluntary for both parties. It is important to know what mediation involves before deciding to take this approach. Mediation is in a less formal setting than the typical court proceeding involved with a divorce. The mediator will run…
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Mediation Attorneys

If you are considering a divorce you may also want to consider some alternatives. The alternative that may save you some money and may be beneficial is to attend a mediation session. Mediation sessions can provide less stress and pressure than the typical court appearances that are associated with filing for divorce. If cost is…
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