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I Commingled My Separate Property in Orange County California

Property Division FAQ: I commingled my separate property by adding my spouse to the deed in OC California, now what happens? I Commingled My Separate Property in California. How is This Handled in Divorce? California is a community property state, which means that property and debts that are considered to be community property and community debts…
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Dividing Property in an Orange County California Divorce or Separation

I need help Dividing Property in an OC California Divorce  Dividing Property in an OC California Divorce or Separation: When a couple obtains a divorce or a legal separation in California, all debts and property that they have acquired during their marriage needs to be divided between them. The process of dividing property and debt…
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Commingling is a term used for when a person's separate property, such as a personal inheritance, is placed in the same account or used to buy something as the community property such as earnings from the marriage or domestic partnership. For example, a common occurrence is when one person uses money from the sale of house prior to the…
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