Divorce: Parents Working Together

Types of Restraining Orders
What is Domestic Violence?

If you decide to get a divorce and there are children involved, you and the other parent will need to rethink how you are raising your children. There are several ways parents can successfully parent their children while they are separated, for instance:

-Some parents take on a business-like demeanour with each other. They can calmly and matter-of-factly talk about important issues like planning visitation schedules, and working out disagreements while still not having to be friends.
-Some parents can work together and support each other in order to do the best for their children. Having a friendly relationship with the other parent is the most beneficial for the child/children/
- Some parents avoid contact with each other except for important matters. They avoid conflict by limiting their own contact with the other parent.

If you and the other parent cannot work together in a healthy manner, your children may:

-Blame themselves for the tension between the parents,
-Develop a low self esteem,
-Start to act out and not cooperate,
-Develop problems in school,
-Have trouble getting along with their friends.

To avoid these emotional issues with the children, parents should never put their children in the center of their arguments. You should not make your children:

-Be the go-between each parent, delivering messages,
-Choose sides,
-Be blamed or made to feel that they are the reason for the disagreement between the parents,
-Witness any abuse, either physical or emotional.

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Types of Restraining Orders
What is Domestic Violence?

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