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Attorney can be appointed as Guardian ad Litem by the Court for your child’s interest

An Orange County attorney can be appointed as Guardian ad Litem by the Court to Protect the Child’s Best Interest In many legal issues, children’s lives may change because of the adults around them. The job of a guardian ad litem is to protect a child’s best interests in cases where their parents or guardians may be unable to do so. This may include personal injury cases, juvenile law cases, and various family law or probate cases. A guardian ad litem can also be appointed to represent an adult who is incapable of representing him or herself.
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Alternatives to Guardianship

A parent can sign a notarized letter giving you temporary custody of their child without having to go to court. This letter should give you permission to make important decisions about the child's medical care and education. It is suggested that you get a medical release as well in case of any emergencies. This agreement can be…
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What is ‘Guardianship’?

Guardianship is when a court orders someone other than the child’s parent to: -Have custody of the child; or -Manage the child's property (called "estate"); or -Both. The information in this section is about probate guardianships. These cases are brought by the person seeking to be appointed guardian or by someone else in the family asking…
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