Frequently Asked Questions about family law in California; especially in the Los Angeles and Orange County communities such as Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim and Newport Beach. Clients and visitors to this site may submit a question and if the attorney feels many more will benefit, Attorney Yanez will write an article to help address the question and concerns.

If My Spouse Lives Outside CA How Do I Serve Divorce Petition for my California dissolution of marriage?

When you decide to file for divorce in California, your spouse or partner has a legal right to be made aware of the divorce proceedings, and you cannot get a divorce without making a reasonable attempt to let the other party know. There are several ways you can go about informing your spouse or partner of the action against them; it is called serving divorce papers. The method of service that you choose can depend on several factors, including your current relationship with your partner or spouse, his or her whereabouts, or whether or not you know where your spouse or partner currently lives.

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After Serving My Spouse How do I Move Forward in a California Divorce

Understanding the divorce process can be difficult if you do not have a background in law, and making a mistake can be costly. Divorce affects almost every aspect of your life, from your family and friends to your finances and sometimes, your career. Whether you and your spouse know that you are getting a divorce or you decided on your own, the first step in the divorce process is serving your divorce petition on your spouse. At this point, your spouse will need to find his or her own legal representation and file a response. You and your divorce attorney can work on the next steps from your end even if your spouse has not responded.

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What Documents should I file for my dissolution of marriage?

Whether you are filing for divorce on your own or you are working with an attorney, there are specific forms you will need to fill out accurately and file or deliver based on specific deadlines. Because a simple mistake can be costly in a divorce, it is in your best interests to discuss your case with a qualified divorce lawyer in Orange County prior to submitting your divorce forms. Depending on whether your spouse or partner responds to your paperwork and how her or she responds, you will have different paperwork to fill out in order to complete your divorce. Your divorce attorney is your best resource in determining the best way to handle your case as it plays out.

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