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How do I enforce child support payments in California If My Spouse or Domestic Partner Is not following the court order?

So, if you and your spouse or domestic partner are no longer together, and you have a child support order in place that orders your spouse or domestic partner to pay child support to you, your expectation is that the checks will arrive on time and be paid in full. But what happens when your spouse or domestic partner chooses not to pay, or not to pay in full? You do have options under the California legal system. A child support order that was issued by the court is legally enforceable, and you may choose to use the law to make sure that your child is financially supported
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Do I have to pay child support if I am not the biological father?

In California, biological parentage does not play as big of a role in determining child support as legal parentage does. A legal parent has both the legal rights and legal obligations that come with raising a child, even if that parent is not the biological parent. Depending on your situation, a biological parent may or may not be required to pay child support for a child in California, and a nonbiological parent or guardian may also be required to pay child support, or not.
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How do I stop a child support wage garnishment in OC CA When My Child Turns 18

In California, child support obligations usually end when a child turns 18 and graduates from high school, or turns 19. However, if your wages have been garnished in order to make your child support payments, you can usually terminate the wage garnishments as long as you are caught up on payments. Wage garnishments are standard in all California child support cases; however, parents or the local child support agency may choose to allow payment in another way.
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