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I need help Modifying my Orange County Spousal Support Order

Modification of Alimony: Modifying my Orange County Spousal Support Order/Alimony agreement Modifying Your Orange County Spousal Support Order Spousal and partner support orders may be issued in California when a marriage or registered domestic partnership comes to an end. The goal of a spousal support or partner support order is to allow both parties to…
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How do I modify Child custody, visitation and support orders in OC California?

Both child support orders and child custody and visitation orders will likely need to be modified at some point after their creation in order to remain useful. There are various reasons that modifications might be necessary, and a specific court process exists just for these situations. As with all matters regarding family law and children, it is always best to consult a skilled family lawyer in California prior to initiating the process of modifying a court order.
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