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How Do I Modify a Child Support Order in Orange County California?

How do I modify my child's support in Orange County California? California Child Support Basics How Do I Modify a Child Support Order in Orange County? When a child support order is created in California, it remains valid and can be enforced until the child turns 18 or graduates high school, whichever is later. The original order is intended to cover the cost of the child’s needs, from healthcare and education to transportation and child care.
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California Child Support Determination

OC California Child Support Determination Under California law, both parents of a child have a duty to support their child financially. Whether one parent or both parents are obligated to pay child support depends on the child custody situation, the parents’ financial situations, and the child’s needs, among other things. Child support is meant to provide for a child’s basic needs, like food, clothing, healthcare and education.
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