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What are Grandparents’ Rights Regarding Grandchildren in Orange County California

FAQ:  What are Grandparents' Rights Regarding Grandchildren in California? Need HELP with Grandparents' Rights Regarding Grandchildren in Orange County, California Grandparents and grandchildren can have very special relationships. In California, a grandparent is one of the few people who has a right to petition the court for a legal court order stating that the grandparent has…
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Grandparents’ rights to custody of grandchildren in Orange County, CA

As a grandparent in California, you may be able to legally enforce your visitation rights with your grandchildren, especially if your grandchild’s parents are divorced and your former son or daughter in law will not allow you to see your grandchild. Grandparent’s rights are not as easy to enforce as the rights of a parent, and you will need to meet certain criteria in order to establish or enforce your right to spend time with your grandchild. California law states that it will allow ‘reasonable visitation’, which may depend on each specific situation. Your existing relationship with your grandchild will also come into play.
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