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Mothers’ Rights in Orange County California

Mothers’ Rights FAQ: What do Mothers' Rights in Orange County California consist of? Mothers' Rights in Orange County California All mothers, and all parents, in California have certain rights and obligations when it comes to their children. These rights are usually in regard to child custody, and the obligations, child support. Although historically, it is generally…
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How Can I Establish Paternity in Orange County California?

FAQ: How Can I Establish Paternity in Orange County California? Orange County Paternity Attorney All parents and children in California have certain rights because of their relationship. A parent in California also has a duty to support his or her child financially. Paternity, or parentage, comes into play when it comes to enforcing those rights, especially…
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What are the Rights of a Father Regarding Child Custody in Orange County

FAQ: What are the rights of a Father Regarding Child Custody Best Orange County Fathers’ Rights Attorney Historically, when two parents are not together in the United States, it is assumed that the mother will have custody of any children they share, and that the father will have to pay child support. While this is…
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Father’s Rights

Father's Rights Attorneys in Orange County Guide

Father’s Rights Under California Law

All parents have both rights and obligations to their children under California law. In order to establish and modify these rights, a father may require legal assistance.

Parental Rights

All fathers have the right to spend time with their children, as long as the court has not determined that spending time with the father would not be in the best interests of the children. If the parents are not married, a father may spend time with his children according to a child custody or visitation schedule that has been approved by a judge.

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Father’s Going for Custody

The type of Father that fights for custody is the one that still wants to maintain the same relationship they have with their kids.  This type of Father is the opposite of a “dead-beat-dad”.  People are so use to the Mother of the child to be in full custody of the kids but times are changing.  Women have…
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What is the Father’s Rights Movement

Advocates of the women’s rights movement say that they do not want to give women hand-outs, but rather want to give women a fair chance. In family law circles, the father’s rights movement has recently gained momentum and wide publicity. Advocates of the movement state that they want family courts to consider both genders equally…
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