We are a Los Angeles & Orange County Juvenile Defense team.

Juvenile defense attorney California

Juvenile defense attorney California

Juvenile defense attorney California

The juvenile defense team of Bettina Yanez and Tom Connor have over 40 years of experience combined.

Their level of ability is a great benefit to their clients charged with a juvenile criminal crime.

Most crimes committed by minors are often like those committed by adults. For example, theft, sexual assault, drug possession, motor vehicle, vehicular homicide; property damage.

Bottom line is that they all have similar outcomes in spite of of the age of the person responsible for the crime.

The juvenile court recognizes that youth’s offenses are sometimes a result of a poor judgment, or insight.

The juvenile justice system is based upon the principle that juvenile offenders are more likely to be reformed if intervention is allowed.

We understand that any family may need juvenile defense attorney at one time or another, in spite of the parenting skills.

Once the young defendant who has been convicted of a juvenile crime becomes a legal adult, there is a chance to seek to expunge their juvenile criminal record.

The Juvenile defense attorneys in California are located in the city of Orange. We are on The City Drive two blocks from Lamoreaux Justice Center.

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