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The Orange County juvenile lawyer recommends you view the following video in order to understand the process.

Juvenile Delinquency Court Orientation  Procedures Video

This 13-minute video is designed to help youth, their parents, and victims of juvenile crime understand delinquency court.  The video walks the viewer through common types of juvenile hearings and explains what to expect during the course of a typical delinquency court case. It is appropriate for delinquency court waiting rooms, juvenile halls, and attorney or probation offices.

The Center for Families, Children & the Courts (CFCC) works to improve court proceedings and outcomes for children, youth, families, and victims involved in juvenile delinquency or dependency proceedings. In this section, you will find information on delinquency and dependency projects and resources, as well as information on crossover projects which are initiatives that relate to both delinquency and dependency proceedings.
Orange County juvenile lawyer Bettina Yanez

Orange County juvenile lawyer Bettina Yanez

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