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What is the Difference Between Divorce and Mediation?

An Southern California Divorce Attorney writes: Divorce is more costly and is involuntary at times. In a divorce one party can serve the other and although it can be delayed it cannot be prevented. The process takes a minimum of six months for a divorce to be official. With mediation on the other hand, both…
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Should I go to Mediation?

If you would like a third-party who will remain neutral then mediation may be an option for you. In this process the mediator will listen to both sides of an issue or dispute and will remain impartial. This mediation process is voluntary and due to the voluntary nature of this process the parties can feel…
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Who Benefits From the Mediation Process?

The mediator may not have a wager in the topic to be discussed and resolved through mediation. The voluntary nature of mediation helps to minimize the misconception of being against the other party. The mediator will assist communication from one party to another. This will help assure that the conversation remains on the relevant issues…
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