What Does Domestic Violence Consist of?

Domestic Violence is abuse in either a physical or verbal form. Many individuals find themselves asking, “What does domestic violence consist of?” Domestic violence takes on many forms; for instance, physical abuse can range from bruises, scratches, or any physical marks that are inflicted upon an individual. Further, if an individual does not allow the other person to leave a particular area, or if they are kept prisoner at their home, or in any enclosed environment this can also constitute domestic violence. Additionally, if a party takes away all forms of communication to keep the individual isolated, this is also a form of abuse. Verbal abuse can be in the form of threats to harm the individual, or their children. As well as making comments that that belittle and individual.

What Does Domestic Violence Consist of?

What Does Domestic Violence Consist of?

If you have any questions regarding your situation and whether it qualifies as domestic violence please do not hesitate to contact a local attorney.It is important to understand what your options are in California to protect yourself and your family from abuse. If you have children it is important that you keep their best interests at heart.  If you are unsure where to begin it is important to contact a family law attorney. When domestic violence or abuse is occuring you will want to call the police immediately. You will want to document the incident and include the date, time and what transpired.

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