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FAQ: Why hire a restraining order lawyer

• Our restraining order lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of family law in California. The family firm is near the family law courthouse. The lead attorney is a Certified Family Law Specialist with many years of experience. The firm has helped thousands of families over the years with simple to complex family law cases.

Our firm is fully staffed which gives you quick access if you have a question or concern. Our fees are affordable and payment plans can be arranged if needed. The client is not charged attorney fees for when the staff perform certain tasks. In other words, the client is charged a lower hourly rate when paralegals and law clerks make calls and complete the necessary documents. This allows the client to stretch their retainer and utilize the attorney’s time when it is essential.

• Our family law attorneys have an impeccable reputation with the family law judges and court. Our firm is result oriented with a proven winning track record. The attorneys will usually try to reach an amicable agreement when possible, but if the opposing side is unreasonable, the attorneys are ready to go to trial to fight for your rights.

• The Attorneys exclusively practice family law and have great working relationships with their clients. Many times the attorneys will contact their client after hours and weekends. Many present and past clients recommend their friends and family members to our firm because of outstanding customer service. Much of our business is through word of mouth.

• During non-business hours, if there is an emergency situation the attorney will reply to a phone call taken from our live staff at 714-971-8000, but only if the caller states it is an emergency. Our skillful family law attorneys’ mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Orange County Restraining Order Lawyer - Proven Results

With a winning track record of obtaining restraining orders for our clients that have been victims or having the court deny a restraining order for clients that have been wrongfully accused, we pride ourselves on knowing how to make the case before the judge. When a person is seeking a domestic violence order or a civil harassment restraining order it is paramount that one seeks the best possible legal counsel. For individuals facing a restraining order it can put their employment in peril. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do not ignore the documents if you have been served. As soon as you are served, contact a restraining order attorney for free case evaluation. Our restraining order attorneys have handled hundreds of restraining order cases in Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside over the years.

What is a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

First, domestic violence is violence, mistreatment, cruelty, bullying and intimidation of abuse when the individual being harmed and the offender are or have been in a close relation. For instance, currently married, divorced, dating or past dating, living together or have children together. Moreover, individuals related through blood or marriage. As a result this close relationship would require a “domestic violence restraining order” to protect the victim. Hence, if you find yourself needing protection in Orange County or Los Angeles it is wise to seek out restraining order lawyers with years of experience in order to protect your rights. Domestic violence is not an isolated matter, all families deal with it, but at times the situation may call for a TRO – temporary restraining order to give one breathing space. A proficient restraining order lawyer can offer plans to safeguard you and your family from an abuser.

California domestic violence laws describe abuse as:

• Bodily harming or trying to harm somebody, deliberately or carelessly;
• Sexual attack;
• Creating an atmosphere where someone fears you because they feel or think they will be hurt due to your verbal threats or body language; or
• Conduct such as, stalking, intimidating, punching and interrupting their peace; or damaging their property and including mistreatment of the family pets.

Second, the domestic violence restraining order is an order given by a family law judge that is designed to safeguard persons from mistreatment or intimidation of abuse from somebody they have a close association with.

You can request a domestic violence restraining order under the following conditions if the abuser:

• Is a person related or close to you and has harmed you;
• Is married to you or
• and you have a registered domestic partnership together
• is your ex-spouse or you separated
• are dating or dated
• lives or lived with you and were more than just roommates
• and you have a child together or are raising one together
• is your mother, father, siblings, grandparents or a family member through marriage

What are the Types of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in California?

EPO - Emergency Protective Order

An Emergency Protective Order can only be requested by law enforcement. The police department will normally contact a judge to request an EPO. For instance, peace officers encountering a DV situation can request an EPO anytime.

An EPO goes into effect immediately and are normally good for a week. Further the judge can have the abuser leave the residence in order to ensure the victim is safe, giving the victim time to seek a restraining order, such as a TRO, which will last longer than the seven days.

TRO - Temporary Restraining Order

When you go to the family law court you or your restraining order lawyer will complete, file and pay the fees for the domestic violence restraining order documents. In completing the paper work this is where an experienced domestic violence restraining order lawyer can make the difference. Knowing the law and using the right words makes all the difference.
The family law judge will read your request and will issue a TRO – temporary restraining order until the hearing date. The TRO’s can be good for 20 to 25 days. During this time it is strongly recommended that you find a restraining order lawyer for advise. Many restraining order lawyers today offer free consultation; therefore, you do not have anything to lose for free legal advice. For more on TRO, please contact our Temporary Restraining Order attorneys.

Permanent Restraining Order

At your court hearing if you are successful in convincing the judge that a permanent restraining order is necessary to protect you and your family, then the judge will grant you a permanent restraining order that is good for three years. Towards the end of the 3 years a permanent restraining order can be renewed for another three years if the judge believes you are still in danger.

Stay-Away order - Criminal Protective Order

Not all domestic violence cases are brought before the family law court. Sometimes domestic violence cases are handled by the district attorney; therefore, they are heard in the criminal law courthouse. Normally when this happens victims and perpetrators of domestic violence may have two coexisting cases, one in the criminal law court and another in the family law court, if the individuals have matters dealing with divorce, separation, custody, support and other family law related issues.

The domestic violence Restraining Order lawyer;

TRO - Temporary Restraining Order attorney in Orange County

domestic violence Restraining Order lawyer in Orange County California

One of the Best domestic violence Restraining Order lawyers in Orange County & Los Angeles

California is very proactive when domestic violence is involved; therefore, you need a family law attorney that can present your case before the court. Judges are very busy with countless family law cases before them; therefore, they want to hear the facts and the law. Moreover, you need to make your case and know the law. Whether you are the victim or abuser you both have rights. Many individuals are falsely accused of domestic violence, which can have a negative impact on their lives. False allegations of abuse are common and one cannot ignore the allegations. A restraining order can be damaging to your reputation, employment and child custody situation. If you are confronting a domestic violence restraining order it is vital that you get in touch with a domestic violence restraining order lawyer today. The divorce & family law Offices of Yanez & Associates offers a free case review by calling 714-971-8000.

How do I Find a Local Divorce Attorney near me in Orange County?
Orange County restraining order attorneys - Guide & Process

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