How is Child Custody Determined in California?
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If you are wondering, what is collaborative divorce? Our family law firm is now providing Collaborative Dissolution / Divorce services to prospective clients. In a Collaborative Dissolution/Divorce case the parties and their respective attorneys will each sign an agreement where each pledges to resolve the issues in the dissolution/ divorce without court intervention. This collaborative agreement further provides that if either party decides to litigate the case, both of the attorneys will withdraw from the case and will not represent their client in the contested matter.

what is collaborative divorce

What is collaborative divorce/dissolution?

The Collaborative Dissolution/Divorce process involves a team of professionals such as the attorneys, mental health practitioners, a neutral accountant who are committed to attaining an amicable resolution of the dissolution / divorce without the need for court intervention.  The Collaborative Dissolution/Divorce process is different from the traditional contested dissolution/divorce in a number of respects:

•  The parties involved in a Collaborative Dissolution/Divorce matter may utilize joint accountants, mental health practitioners, appraisers, and other consultants to act as experts in the collaborative matter

•  The best interest along with the wishes of the children are considered throughout the entire collaborative dissolution/divorce process.

•  A Collaborative Divorce can usually be completed in a few months versus a typical contested dissolution/ divorce which can take between six months to a year to complete and sometimes longer

•  A Collaborative Divorce usually costs one-half the cost of a contested dissolution/ divorce

•  At the conclusion of a Collaborative Dissolution/Divorce process, the parties are more likely to retain amity and respect which lessens the need for post judgment modifications.

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How is Child Custody Determined in California?
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